Love It. Drive It. FLUX It.

Love It. Drive It. FLUX It.

Better Than
Buying or
a Car

All-In-One Car Subscription with the option to own

Taste The Thrill
All in one subscription
All in one subscription

All-In-One Car Subscription

Our All-In-One Car Subscription comes with:

  • Access to a curated collection of quality cars
  • Ability to swap between cars and motorcycles
  • Concierge services
  • Wear & tear coverage
  • Insurance and road tax
Car Deals


Forget about shopping around for insurance, renewing road tax or even servicing, because we‘ve got it sorted.


Never visit a mechanic‘s workshop again! Pick-ups and deliveries, our concierge has it handled.


With FLUX, you‘re covered with comprehensive insurance. We‘ve also installed an anti-theft system, so you‘re protected.

No hassle when subscribing
Taste The Thrill
All in one subscription
All in one subscription

The All-In-One Motorcycle Subscription

Subscribe to a motorcycle and enjoy all these benefits:

  • A fully inspected selection of quality motorcycles
  • Insurance and road tax
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Selective wear & tear
  • Ability to swap between cars and motorcycles
  • Option to buy the motorcycle
Enjoy freedom

Enjoy Freedom

Don‘t be tied down by debt. By the time you‘ve paid off the financing, you are left with a heavily depreciated car/motorcycle that you need to sell. Enjoy the flexibility with a subscription.

One ‘Key‘ To
Rule Them All

One key to rule all
Swap cars easily

One ‘Key‘ To
Rule Them All

With a FLUX subscription your garage just got a lot bigger. Drive the perfect car/motorcycle to fit your lifestyle. SUV, compact, MPV, scooter and more; swap cars and motorcycles according to your needs.

Peace Of Mind

Peace Of Mind

We only cherry pick the best cars and motorcycles that have been A+ rated by an independent inspection service, so you can subscribe with confidence. Should you not be satisfied with your car/motorcycle within the first 3 days or 150 KM, we'll take it back and help you find the perfect match.

Insurance & road tax included
Maintenance and wear & tear
No down payment
Flexible contract
Peace of mind returns
Concierge service
Swap vehicles

The FLUX Advantage

FLUX redefines the rules of vehicle ownership, so that they are only about the drive.

Trade In For Freedom

Looking to break free from vehicle ownership, even if you currently own a car or motorcycle? FLUX subscription service can help you achieve that by enabling you to trade in your current vehicle for a FLUX subscription.

Trade In
For Freedom