Love It. Drive It. FLUX It.

How FLUX Works

Simple. Easy. Flexible.

10 simple steps to start your FLUX car subscription.

01Sign up
Set up your FLUX account, through a quick and easy sign up process.
Sign up

02Select Your Vehicle
All our cars and motorcycles are carefully inspected, so you can enjoy more time on the road, instead of spending it at the mechanic’s.
Select Your Vehicle

03Select Your Subscription Plan
Choose how long you want to subscribe to the FLUX service. Choose shorter plan for greater flexibility or commit to a longer-term subscription to take advantage of lower monthly rates. Throughout your FLUX membership you can swap your car/motorcycle at monthly intervals.

04Select Your Mileage Package
Choose a mileage package that suits your lifestyle. Our mileage packages are flexible, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

05Review The GFV
Review the items included as part of your FLUX subscription and the option to buy your vehicle, based upon the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) at the end of the subscription.
Review The GFV

06Book the Vehicle
Secure your FLUX subscription by paying the one-time Reservation Fee and we’ll confirm your identity and eligibility, so you can become an approved FLUX member.

Once approved, our team will call you to confirm the start fee/deposit and monthly total before charging your payment method.
Book the Vehicle

07Schedule Your Delivery
Our concierge will reach out to schedule your delivery, where you will get the complete rundown of your new set of wheels.
Schedule Your Delivery

08Drive Carefree
Your all-inclusive subscription comes with comprehensive maintenance, premium insurance and nationwide roadside assistance.

Should you need any assistance, our concierge service will be on-hand to help solve your vehicle related issues.
Book the car

09Swap Your Car/Motorcycle
Need something a little bigger? Go online and reserve another car/motorcycle within our collection, and just pay the new Start Fee and we’ll adjust your monthly total.
Swap Your Car

10Buy, Return or Resubscribe
At the end of your subscription you can buy, return your car/motorcycle or resubscribe to a new vehicle from our collection.
Buy, Return or Resubscribe

Love It. Drive It. Flux It.