Mercedes-Benz Car Subscription


Executive never looked so good - unless its a Mercedes-Benz on Flux.

Mercedes-Benz Car Subscription

Getting a Mercedes-Benz Car From Flux

Getting your perfect Mercedes-Benz can never be easier. With Flux All-In-One Subscription, enjoy a full suite of premium services along with your car, including Concierge, roadside assistance, service & maintenance, and more.

What to expect when driving a Mercedes-Benz car
What to expect when driving a Mercedes-Benz car

What to expect when driving a Mercedes-Benz car

The best cars or nothing, this is the Mercedes-Benz promise. Enjoy exclusivity and the luxurious appointment of Mercedes-Benz, built with the latest technology, including MBUX infotainment, cutting-edge active safety systems and powerful yet efficient engines.

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SK Khor

SK Khor

Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 2018

"[I was] attracted by the innovative platform, which allows me to select my preferred Mercedes. [The subscription plan] is flexible for those who opt for flexible commitment while at the same time would like to swap the car according to preferences at any point in time."


Mercedes-Benz S400H 2017

"I want to thank you for a great experience. I no longer worry about any problems with the car or making sure registration and insurance is paid. If there is a problem with either my Cayenne or S Class, all I do is call you and you take care of it. Thank you for a great car experience."


Mercedes-Benz C200 AMG Coupe 2020

"Pengalaman yang amat berbeza dari Flux, Kereta Mercedes C-Class saya dalam keadaan yg baik, Servis yg sangat² memuaskan dari team Flux terutamanya cik Farrah."