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Weekly EV Subscription

The Most Affordable
EVs in Malaysia

Test 'own' the latest EVs in Malaysia without any risk or commitment.

Experience Flux All-Inclusive
EV Subscription

Test 'Own' rates

Subscribe from as low as RM750/week. Trying an EV doesn't have to break the bank.

Yours for one whole week

Enjoy a FLUX EV Subscription for an entire week. This is an opportunity for you see if subscribing to an EV fits your lifestyle.

Fully insured & protected

Comprehensive insurance comes standard for maximum peace of mind. This will ensure that everything is covered, including damage to someone's car, your car, and especially acts of nature such as flooding.

Easy Pick-Up & Drop-off

Once your booking is confirmed, you can pick up your car from our HQ in Solaris Mont Kiara.

No hassle when subscribing

Subscribe to the latest ev for a week

FLUX has the widest range of EVs in Malaysia and you can try all of them each for a week.

From the latest Ora 07 to the Tesla Model Y, compact Neta V and Ora Good Cat, the choice is yours. We even have the popular BYD Atto 3.

How It Works

Test 'own' an EV in just 3 simple steps:


Register the latest EV now. It's easy and only takes less than a minute.


Complete your booking by submitting the relevant documents and we will prepare it for you.

Pick Up

You can pick up the car easily from our HQ located in Solaris Mont Kiara, any time from 9am - 6pm, otherwise we can schedule for delivery.

What To Expect When Driving An EV


EVs are far quieter and smoother than gas-powered cars, making them a dream to drive as you zip through traffic.


They can save up to 30% on running costs compared to gas-powered cars, which is perfect for heavy commuters. And with fewer moving parts EVs will save you repeated trips to the service center.


EVs are fast-charged with the latest technology and innovation. From the engine, entertainment system, to safety features, you'll always be driving the latest tech.


Enjoy the open road without destroying the planet. Subscribing to an EV can reduce your carbon footprint and help protect our environment. Do your part and switch to an EV.

Brabus Review

What Customers Say About Us

Michelle L.


The EV is something new, but having to convert from a petrol car to an EV was no culture shock. The EV was really what the team described: a smooth and new driving experience. Signing in to FLUX Business gave me the flexibility to switch cars, hence it was an opportunity to be more experimental in choosing a car.

Brabus Review

What Customers Say About Us

Zamrul R.


It was a very pleasant experience. I can have the car delivered within a few days by clicking a few buttons on my phone. I like the car very much, and the FLUX team delivered it well. The car is fully charged and cleaned, and I can straight off drive away with the car. It was a good experience. With FLUX, I get to try the car short-term before actually deciding to subscribe for a longer period.