3 Ways A Car Subscription Can Help Achieve Your Financial Goals

Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj


Cars play a huge role in our lives. Apart from being a mode of transportation, having a car to call on your own has become an expensive affair, especially when factoring in the costly upfront down-payment, the monthly car loan instalment, maintenance, insurance, and taxes. All pose as roadblocks when it comes to financial stability.

But what if there's a better way for car ownership? Read on to find out three ways a car subscription can help you maximise savings and reduce financial stress so that you can focus on owning your life goals.

Bid Goodbye to Long-Term Commitments

The era of COVID-19 has certainly created a lot of uncertainties. With business closures and job losses, now may not be the right time to tie yourself down with a long-term expensive car loan. You may ask, how does a car subscription tie in with this to help you achieve your financial goals?

A car subscription offers enormous flexibility. You won't have the financial obligation to sustain a 9-year loan, thus maximising your monthly disposable income to cover other expenses and, most importantly, stay debt-free.

Break Free from Car Equity

There’s only one way when it comes to purchasing a car - buying it outright or placing a hefty down payment to lower your monthly instalments.

Most consumers don’t realise how the large sum of capital they need to put down could be of better use, such as paying down a mortgage, investing in stocks and properties or even adding into a fixed deposit account to accrue additional savings. Car subscriptions allow you to better-utilise capital and provide you with a cash flow advantage to achieve financial goals.

Switch & Save!

Car subscriptions can cater to individual needs. If you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of getting a new set of wheels every three years - a car subscription gives you the added benefit of swapping your car for another. 

Not only does a car subscription allow access to a new set of wheels, but you can own one or many cars for various needs without carrying the cost of maintenance, wear and tear and depreciation that can go up to 20% in just a year for your entire fleet. Because of these benefits, it is particularly beneficial if you’re a business owner. Flux Business Class offers everything an organisation needs in a company car program, with the added benefit of tax savings. 

⁠The Journey Ahead - Maximise Your Savings by Subscribing

We know that saving up for a deposit can take some time, and signing up for a long term loan or lease can be daunting, especially in times of uncertainty. At Flux, we offer the benefits of ownership through a single monthly fee that allows you to own your financial goals whilst having your dream car with none of the drawbacks.

If you’re looking to gain some extra income from your car - you can join us to Become A Host by listing your car on Flux and start earning.


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