5 Things Malaysian Drivers are Famous For!

Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj


Without a doubt, there is everything unique to discover about Malaysia. From our rich heritage to the diversity of our scrumptious food and breathtaking places to visit - and even the way Malaysians behave on the road. 

If you’re not following us so far, perhaps these five signs will help refresh your memory of what Malaysian drivers are famously known for.

Hands of All Trades

Merdeka Blog - Hands of All Trades

We Malaysians are really good at multitasking, perhaps a bit too much. It's a rare sight to see any Malaysian driver with both their hands on the wheel. They’re either fiddling with their phones or perhaps sneaking in bites off their breakfast during a traffic jam - there’s always a need to do something else.

While this may be seen as a hidden talent for many, we should be mindful of our actions on the road. Sometimes a little handsfree can also be a little unsafe. Don’t worry, your teh tarik will still be there when you stop.

Double Parkers

Merdeka Blog - Double Parking

Credit: The Star

Ah, this feels all too familiar. I’m pretty sure anyone or the person next to you has gone through the agony of getting your car past a double-parker, especially when the owner is nowhere in sight. Even worse when you’re trying to get out of a space and you're being blocked. However, it's safe to say that these double-parkers are a courteous bunch, commonly leaving their contact details on a sheet of paper or on these really cool dashboard numbers displayers. 

Gotta Hang em’ All

Merdeka Blog -  Hooks

Credit: My Car Forum

We Malaysians love to hang on to things - quite literally. Hanging things up in our cars comes as normal practice for us. Some of the things featured on our hooks include takeaways, handbags and with the arrival of COVID-19, you get to catch our face masks in action swinging from the rearview mirrors of our cars. 

Car hooks have become a staple for every Malaysian so much so that every car with a Proton badge has made it a standard practice to include these hooks as a special place for our ikat tepi teh tarik. To sum it up, we're obsessed with hooks!  

Pile on the Accessories 

Merdeka Blog - Accessories

Credit: News Straits Times

One thing we Malaysians love doing is accessorizing our cars. Just look at this happy gentleman here who creatively adorned his Jaguar car with a bunch of Hot Wheels cars - talk about commitment to the hobby! 

From overloading the passenger seat with fluffy pillows and plush toys to keychains hanging off the rear bumper and sticker bombing everything - we Malaysians bring a whole new meaning to getting comfortable on the road.

High Beams are Our Best Friends 

Merdeka Blog - High Beam

We’re famous for putting drivers in the spotlight. From tailgaters and illegal turners to pedestrians - no one is safe. However, not all flashlights are meant to be bad. If you were to find that the car in the oncoming lane is vigorously flashing its high beams, it could be a signal that there are hidden police just around the bend or behind a blind crests and bridges.

The next time you see a disco light effect coming at you, it is best to slow yourself down and abide by the speed limit. And don’t forget to thank the person for letting you know with a friendly high beam back!

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