5 Things You Should Never Do If You’ve Had a Car Accident

Vishal Bhaskaran

Vishal Bhaskaran


If it moves, it can hit something. React accordingly.

According to the statistics, there were over 548,000 insurance claims on road accidents in Malaysia over 2018. That’s over 1,500 accidents per day. And there is every possibility that one of those could be you.

If that moment ever comes, and we hope it doesn’t, here are some things you should never do.


This is easier said than not done. Take a few deep breaths, and make sure you and the occupants of your car are alright. Then, start to recite the steps in your head — move the car to safety if you can, take pictures of the accident, collect the information of anyone else involved in the accident and contact emergency services if necessary.

Block Traffic

If your car can move, get it to the road shoulder and out of the way of moving traffic. The only situation, in Malaysia, where you are not supposed to move your car is if there is a fatality. Very often, the urge to get out of your car and start a full-blown argument over who’s at fault right in the middle of the road is tempting, but please resist. You will obstruct traffic and could even get hit by an oncoming car.

Delay the Police Report

Do this as soon as you can. This is the prerequisite for an insurance claim, and you need to get this absolutely right to make sure that the fault of the accident can be clearly attributed. There is a 24-hour window for this in Malaysia, but if you are not injured or otherwise incapacitated by the accident, just get it done immediately.

Get Angry

No one wants to get into an accident. Losing your temper at the other person is completely counterproductive. Unless we’re talking about insurance fraud, no one really wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and sets an intention to cause an accident. Instead, make sure they’re alright and sort it out.

Keep Driving

We don’t mean hit and run (no one should have to tell you not to do that), we’re talking about trying to continue your journey when your car is clearly beat up. You may not know the full extent of the damage and could end up making things worse. Instead, contact your insurance company to get your car transported via flatbed to a panel workshop.

So instead of all these don’ts, here’s a do instead: subscribe to a car with Flux.

Forget about managing the police report, processing the insurance claim or being carless while your car is getting repaired. Best of all, with a Flux car subscription, you get nationwide roadside assistance all day, every day. We’ll help you with the police report and give you a replacement car to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


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