7 Car Essentials Every Malaysians Need to Have in 2021

Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj


With the borders fully open and many of us getting back on the road - it's essential to keep these must-have items in your car for every journey across Malaysia. They are not only for emergencies or safety but for a comfortable drive as well.


COVID-19 Kit 

The pandemic isn't over yet, my friends.

This kit comes into play for those times you forgot to bring a mask along. The contents are minimal - face masks, hand sanitisers and face shields are all you need. And with COVID-19 Home Self-Tests available, it's beneficial to have some on hand to use after any lengthy trips to help keep your loved ones protected.

Owner's Manual & Insurance Policy

It is essential to keep your car's manual and insurance document and policy details on hand. It specifically comes in handy for you to make a quick fix if your car goes through a breakdown. Or, if you're a Flux subscriber, all you have to do is contact our Flux customer service team, who will take care of the rest. We'll organise to have the car fixed and delivered back to you in no time.

Snacks & Candies 

Non-perishable food items such as chips, biscuits, and nuts are a necessity in all cars. These snacks are helpful when you are on long drives, especially with kids. Sweets such as peppermint and ginger candies can also be a welcome distraction to help alleviate symptoms of travel sickness.

First Aid Emergency Kit 

You may have a first aid kit lying around but what makes it essential is what you have inside. If possible, include bandages of all sizes, cotton swabs and gauze dressing, antiseptic creams for wounds and insect bites, and over-the-counter pills such as painkillers and paracetamol. 

Jumper Cables

Sometimes the worst-case scenarios happen when you least expect them, such as when the battery dies.

If you're going on uncharted terrains, be sure to bring jumper cables along so you can avoid getting into a sticky situation where there is no transport insight. Rest assured when you’re with Flux. Our Customer Support team is just a phone call away, ready to come to your rescue.


Not all cars are equipped to charge any phones. It's essential to keep your phone charged if any emergencies occur. Keep a topped-up power bank in your glove compartment and check it regularly to make sure it is retaining a charge.

Sunglasses & Umbrellas 

There are only two moods when it comes to Malaysian weather - either extremely hot or pouring, with high chances of very heavy floods. Protect yourself from these weather conditions by keeping a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella handy, as harsh ultra-violet (UV) rays can cause damage to your skin and getting soaked with rainwater can leave you feeling sick.


One For The Road

As individual needs vary, these are only the bare essentials that we recommend for most people. Although it can sound like a lot, you can easily find most of these items around your house. They also won't take too much space in your car, and you'll be glad to always have them around on a rainy day. 

As you rediscover the liberty of driving again, subscribe to Flux All-In-One Car Subscription and enjoy the freedom of having a car without the responsibilities. There's no downpayment, no interest & no road tax cost.

Drive your dream car worry-free with our comprehensive insurance and telematics technologies. Our Customer Service team will come to your rescue and handle any car breakdowns and emergencies without you even asking for help. 

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