How to Maintain Your Car - Malaysian Edition




Ahh, the weather in Malaysia. One minute you wake up to a sunny day, and the next minute it rains heavily.  It can be challenging for cars to run in this weather, especially when they've been exposed to the elements.

This is why it is important to protect your car from harm or damage done by the weather. We believe that if you follow these steps religiously even Vin Diesel will be proud of you!

Park in the shades


The first thing to do is to park in the shade. Look up at the sky and see which direction the sun is coming from. That's the direction your car should face when parked in order to avoid getting sun damage on its body. 

The sun can damage dashboard components such as air vents and cooling systems. Also, parked cars that get hot enough can suffer from premature aging or even melt their tires! 

Check your coolant level


With the hot and humid weather in Malaysia, it is important that you keep a close eye on your car's coolant level. If they're low, your engine won't be able to stay as cool as it should. And if your engine isn't cool enough? It'll overheat—and that can cause significant damage to your car's engine! 

If you notice this happening, head to your nearest mechanic as soon as possible so they can fix the problem. 

Check your AC


Consider getting your air conditioner serviced once a year to ensure that it can keep you cool all summer long. You may also tweak the settings to get the best performance out of it. 

Select the "recirculate" setting if you're in a humid location. This way, the high-moisture air is kept outside, and the cooling system is able to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the car.

Windshield wipers


The windshield wipers on a car are one of the most important features to have when it starts to rain. Since windshield wipers are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, they should be replaced at least once a year. 

If you don't replace them often, they can leave streaks on the windshield and might impair your vision. 

Make sure that you buy wipers that are the correct length for your car's make and model, and that they have the correct connector clips.

Wash your car


Many people may think that washing a car in the rain is a waste of time because the rain has already removed most of the dirt. But they might be surprised to learn that rainwater doesn't do much to make a car last longer. 

After a rainstorm, corrosive deposits left behind can eat away at the paint of your car. Using non-solvent cleaning products or even just plain water to wash your car will help neutralise the acidity. 

You should also apply wax to your car for additional protection because it will aid in the removal of water droplets from the car's surface. 

Clean the boot and bonnet 


It is possible for dirt and other debris to become lodged in many locations within the interior of your car.

This includes the under the boot and the bonnet. These spots tend to accumulate dirt and even dampness without you even realising it.

When dirt builds up and blocks the drainage holes, it can lead to water buildup and rusting. Without proper maintenance, the door jams can quickly corrode away due to the high moisture content.

When you’re with Flux, there are no worries.


Whether it's hot summer or the rainy season, your car may be susceptible to damage caused by the weather. But don't fret! Flux got your back. 

Our Concierge Team will pick up and deliver your car for scheduled maintenance. We'll also cover any damage caused by the weather with our comprehensive insurance, so you can drive worry-free all day long.

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