How To Maintain Your EV: The Essentials



An electric vehicle (EV) is one of the most economical, practical and eco-friendly modes of transportation. As more Malaysians look to go electric, here are some things you need to know to keep your EV in tip-top shape. 


The battery is the most important part of an EV, hence any maintenance must begin with checking the battery!

Batteries have a short lifespan, but you can maximise them with proper management and regular charging.

Plan ahead of time for where you'll leave your car when you leave town for a vacation. Parking in the shade is the simplest option. Don't leave it in a parking lot that's not covered against the extreme heat or rain.

Also, make sure you don't overcharge your battery as you can do a lot of damage to them. To avoid early battery degradation, charging the battery to 80% of capacity is an excellent method.


Electric cars often come with regenerative brakes. It stores the kinetic energy lost when decelerating and uses it the next time the car accelerates. This is what makes EVs' brakes more energy efficient when compared to combustion engine cars.

While you don't need to change them as often as with combustion engine cars, we still recommend getting your brakes serviced frequently. Also, try to drive at a steady and constant speed. Speed conservation helps the battery to last longer and prevents sudden braking. 


One of the most important parts of keeping an EV in good shape is the motor. Due to its simplicity compared to a combustion engine, an EV requires very minimal maintenance.

However, very minimal isn't the same as nothing. Getting your EV's engine serviced as you would in a normal car is still a must.

Most importantly, make sure you only work with a mechanic that is familiar with electric motors.


EVs are more susceptible to tyre wear and tear than gasoline-powered vehicles. This is because of the weight of the batteries, which are horizontally spread across a car's floor area. EV range can be reduced by 20% if the tyres are underinflated. 

When it comes to your EV tyres, it's important to make sure that you not only choose the right tyre for your vehicle (whether it's the original set or a new tyre altogether), but that you also continuously maintain the tyres, too.

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