Myths you thought were true about car subscriptions, debunked.

Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj


The existence of a car subscription may not surprise you even though it’s relatively a new concept in Malaysia. 

But there has been a lot of talk and even myths about car subscriptions that might be keeping you from trying it. 

With so many things up in the air, questions like "What happens if I don’t like the car after I received it?" or "Is this really cheaper than renting a car?" or "Isn't there some catch to this?" are inevitable. 

As a result, we're here to debunk any lingering misconceptions regarding car subscriptions and bring to light the facts.

Myth 1: Lengthy Process
⁠Truth: 100% Online With Zero Complicated Paperwork.

Some of you might think that getting a car especially online is going to consume an entire day of yours, just like getting a car from a dealer. But we're here to tell you: it doesn't have to! 

The process of signing up for a car subscription is not a tedious lengthy process. It's as simple as placing an order for pizza. 

All you have to do select the car of your choice and desired subscription plan, complete the reservation process and we’ll deliver it to your door within 7 days.

Myth 2: Limited variety of car.
⁠Truth: Flux has over 18 car brands and multiple body types, including EVs.

Unlike many other car services in Malaysia that only offer a limited number, or even just one brand (!), when you're with Flux, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Flux is the number 1 car subscription service with the widest number of brands and models in Malaysia. 

If you need a car that can carry your whole family and all their stuff, we have SUVs and MPVs. If you're looking for something more compact that's perfect for commuting to work or running errands around town, we have hatchbacks and sedans. 

You can also switch cars anytime. It's like having a universal key to rule a whole fleet ;)

Myth 3: I can only subscribe to only brand new or very old cars.
⁠Truth: Flux only select high quality new & used cars.

We want you to have the best cars that have been A+ rated by an independent inspection service, so you can subscribe with confidence. Should you not be satisfied with your car within the first 3 days or 150km, we'll take it back and help you find the perfect match.

Want something brand new? We got it. Want to test drive the future with the hottest EV? Need something that is practical? Your car is just a few clicks away.

Myth 4: There’s got to be a catch.
⁠Truth: Everything is transparent and all-inclusive.

Subscribing to a car with Flux is simple and totally transparent. Everything is conveniently packaged, including insurance, road tax, maintenance, and wear & tear costs.

There are no surprise expenses. No shocking payments. 

It's not like buying a car where you have to deal with costs like road tax, car insurance, wear & tear, and maintenance on top of your loan payments. Or worse, you could end up with a lemon!

If you exceed your monthly mileage quota, an excess mileage fee will be applied to your next monthly bill. The excess mileage rate is determined upfront and is specified in the subscription contract.

 Subscribe to Flux All-Inclusive Car Subscription

Owning a car should be quick, easy, and transparent. It should allow you to explore places with your friends and family and not tie you down with debt or time wasted doing admin work. 

We hope this blog post has helped debunk some myths about car subscriptions. When you are ready, hop over to and start your subscription today! 


Flux ULTRA - The #1 Low Price Monthly Car Subscription in Malaysia

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