The Future of Urban Mobility in 2022



The world is changing rapidly: new technologies are being introduced, new modes of transportation are being developed, and there is an increasing demand for smart living. 

In cities worldwide, people are finding ways to get around without relying solely on traditional mode of transportation. New types of transportation, such as ride-sharing and car subscription services, are gaining popularity worldwide.

In today's society, it's no longer about the vehicle itself. Instead, it's about public access and availability, with individuals looking for a more efficient and integrated experience.

Owning A Car Is No Longer The De Facto Choice

The latest trend shows that more and more people choose to opt out of the traditional car ownership model.A majority of those represent the Millennial and Gen Z groups, who see owning a car as a barrier due to the rising ownership expenses.

As the younger generations start to shy away from buying their own cars, they are also looking for cheaper and more practical methods of getting around, such as public transportation, cycling or walking.

Based on experts' predictions, "price-sensitive" people will no longer see the benefit of owning a car in the near future.

Buying a new car and paying for it each month is one thing, but the upkeep cost is another. There are many factors that make owning a car expensive, such as insurance, maintenance, loan payments, unexpected accidents and repairs. In fact, over the course of five years, a new car such as the Proton Persona can cost you up to RM98,855. That's a hefty price to pay!

In addition, the idea of car ownership has evolved. You used to need a car to get around town. However, more and more people are realising that they don't need a car to get around, especially in cities where efficient public transportation and car-sharing services are available.

E-hailing services

E-hailing services like Grab, Air Asia Ride and EZcab are revolutionizing the mobility industry. In Malaysia, the term "e-hailing service" has been used exclusively to denote the shared mobility service supported by apps and has made mobility more accessible than ever.

No longer do people need to wait for a cab or a bus, and they no longer have to pay high fares to travel across town. Surveys show that almost 80 percent of Malaysians prefer the e-hailing service, as they offer travellers a convenient and affordable alternative mobility solution.


Car Subscription Services - such as Flux!

Despite the fact that car subscription services are still a relatively new business concept, we are seeing numerous big automobile manufacturers penetrating the market.

It's a model similar to a long-term car rental or a short-term lease with more flexibility. The driver no longer has to deal with the headaches of owning a car, such as finding and negotiating the best car insurance and taking time out of your schedule to perform maintenance and tyre changes. It's less of a commitment than a traditional purchase, but it's more convenient than car-sharing.

A Flux All-In-One Car Subscription is the easiest way to have all the benefits of owning your dream car without commitments and risks.

There's no downpayment, no car loans, no interest costs.

Our subscription plans come standard with comprehensive insurance, road tax, maintenance, and wear & tear. We also have 24-hour roadside assistance for maximum peace of mind.

Our Concierge & Support Teams are always there to help. We'll pick up & deliver your car for servicing and even help you complete the necessary paperwork.

Ready to make the change? Browse our range at and reserve your dream car today!


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