Think You Need A New Car? Here Are 5 Factors To Consider.

Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj


Buying a car can be a costly decision and involve many questions. What car do you need? How much should you pay for it? What features do you want it to have? And do you even need a car right now?

There are so many questions and things to consider. However, do not fret! We have listed the top factors that might help you decide whether a new car is what you need right here in this blog post.

What’s the true Cost of Ownership?

The long-term cost of owning a car is far more than the initial purchase price.

It's not just the downpayment and the monthly loan instalments. There are also depreciation, petrol, maintenance, repairs, and insurance expenses. Depreciation, or the loss in value over time, is the most significant of these expenditures.

Is it built to last?

You want a car with outstanding design and steadiness, as well as auto components that will last a long time. A car with high standard quality will have fewer problems, such as paint peeling, rubber seals wearing out, uncomfortable rattling noises, and so on.

A car that requires constant upkeep is a huge burden that will drain your wallet over time.

Can I Finance the Car?

It's fantastic if you can pay in cash. The majority of car purchasers, however, will require a loan from banks to purchase a car. If you have bad credit or no credit, you might want to put off buying a car until you've improved your credit score so that you can receive a lower interest rate.

What is the after-sales service like?

When purchasing a new automobile, after-sales servicing should be one of the top priorities. It is vital to ensure that you are well taken care of throughout and after the purchase process.

Double-check that your gleaming new car comes with a sufficient warranty period and if you have a dependable salesperson or agent whom you can count on in case of an emergency.

Do I need it everyday?

When considering whether you’ll need a car for daily driving, consider your commute, hobbies, responsibilities, and the amount of space you'll require. A new car is a significant investment, so consider how much room you'll actually need and how often you need a car.

Is There A Better Alternative?

Buying a car in 2022 shouldn’t keep you in long-term debt. With a Flux All-In-One Car Subscription, you’ll get to have a car at a fraction of the cost. There’s zero downpayment and everything is covered, including insurance, servicing, registration, maintenance, and wear & tear. All included in just one FIXED monthly payment. 

Choose your perfect car from our range, with 18 of the top brands in Malaysia, such as BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Perodua, Proton and many more; there's something to suit your needs. You can always swap cars at any time, for any reason.

Your subscription also comes with Concierge Services. We'll help you with all the paperwork, including road tax renewals, pick up and deliver your car for servicing. It's a hassle-free and worry-free way to own your next car in 2022!

Ready to join the subscription gang? Head on over to today!


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