Young Driver? Here Are 3 Tips When Choosing Your First Car

Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj


Getting your first car as a new or young driver is a big deal.

Understandably, you would want to make the best choice possible based on your driving experience, budget, and lifestyle. It helps to know what you don't know. Here is our guide as a starting point to assist you in finding your first perfect car.

New vs. Old

This is a debatable topic but let us break it down for you.  If you can afford it, a new car is almost always going to be less of a headache, but you'll be losing a lot more. Why? The biggest drawback of a new car is that it can lose up to a third of its value the moment you drive out of the dealership.  However, when it comes to used cars, depreciation has already occurred by the time it reaches the used-car market, which could score you a fantastic deal. 

While new cars come with a manufacturer's warranty and service, used cars are more likely to need new components and repair depending on the number of miles on the odometer.

Make sure you’ve thought about all the possibilities before choosing one that will make you more comfortable in the long run.

What's The Right Car to Get?

A common mistake people make when looking for a new car is focusing solely on huge, high-end models, like a go big or go home kind of situation.

But, we are here to tell you that you're better off with a smaller car, one with more safety features, especially when you're new to the road.

How To Finance It?

"Do I need a car loan?" you might ask yourself.

When considering taking out a loan, you might want to look at your financial health. Can you really afford it? Is the monthly payment achievable? These expenses can quickly add up and get out of hand if you are not careful with your monthly budgets.

Tax and insurance aren't included in the price of a car, which is a bummer. In addition, you'll have to pay for repairs and maintenance when they become necessary. Making a financial breakdown will let you know what kind of car you can afford to help soften the blow when these expenses arise.

Is A Car Subscription A Better Option? 

Ultimately, the question is going to come down to how long you need access to a car and which approach aligns closely with your lifestyle. Having a car to call your own is a great achievement, but it’s not worth financing it, especially if you’re new to the road.

On the other hand, a car subscription (like Flux!) is hassle-free and worry-free.

Everything is packaged neatly in one fixed monthly fee, including insurance, road tax, maintenance and servicing costs. As a result, you will always be on top of your finances and budgets.

Our cars are also independently inspected, so you will never have to worry about accidentally ending up with a lemon which can have never-ending and expensive problems.

So if you’re ready to take on this road - we got it all covered here for you at


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