5 Tips To Protect Your Car From Flood




Worried about floods in Malaysia?

If so, you're not alone. The damage that floods may inflict to your car is one of the main concerns that floods everyone would have.

If you're concerned about your car, here are some things you can do to protect it.

Park on a higher ground

The first thing you should do is park your car in a high place if possible. For instance, if the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET) issues a flood warning, you should park your vehicle higher up before the water level increases.

This will prevent water from entering your car's engine and electrical system. Compared to lower grounds, higher grounds are less likely to flood. (duh!)

Do not drive through standing water


If you come across water on the road, do not drive through it. Even shallow water can cause expensive damage to a car's engine and electrical system.

If you have no choice but to drive through standing water, drive slowly and carefully and avoid puddles as best as possible.

Cover Your Car With Plastic Sheets


If you have time and resources available, “bungkus” your car with plastic sheets before flooding begins. This will help protect the interior of your car from corrosion caused by salt in the air and other pollutants. 

However, make sure not to leave these sheets on for too long—they may trap moisture inside and you might get a nasty-moldy surprise!

Disconnect your car battery


Disconnecting your car's battery is one of the most effective ways to protect your car from water or flood damage. 

This can help prevent damage to the electrical systems and components that are attached to the battery.

Do not start the engine 


If your car has been exposed to flood water, do not start the engine under any circumstances! The reason for this is that even if you can't see any water in the engine, it could still be there, and starting the car could cause it to flood and break down. So if your car has been submerged, don't start it immediately.

If you do start the engine and there's water in the system, then you may have to deal with corrosion on all of your parts—and that can get very expensive to repair! 

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