5 Ways To Make Your Travel More Sustainable

Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj


Without a doubt, transportation is one of the BIGGEST emitters of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants.

Our track record when it comes to CO2 emissions in Malaysia isn’t the best. In 2018, 250.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases were emitted,mainly cause by energy (electric usage) and mobility (cars). Yikes! 

However, sustainable travel doesn't have to be hard. Let's consider these alternatives that can help us have a lighter footprint. You health and even your pocket will thank you for it.

Trains are our friends


With the number of passengers a train can occupy, it is considered one of the only forms of transport that exudes a minimal amount of CO2 emission. 

To put into figures: taking public transportation reduces CO2 emissions by 45%

Electric trains are more environmentally friendly and quieter than gasoline-powered cars. By using trains, you can soak in the views, take some time to catch up with a book or your favourite podcast as you cruise along to the destination. 

Save Your Flight Miles 

As airlines are eager to get passengers back in the air, cheap flights are easy to come by. However, let’s pause and think about the impact air travels will have on the environment before scoring that deal. 

If you can reach your destination via a different mode of travel, you can consciously reduce the environmental impact. Compared to airplanes, ferries and trains have a substantially lower carbon footprint.

More FaceTime


Many of us realised how inefficient business travel can be during the during the pandemic.Traveling to and from meeting locations can take hours, and produce a large amount of greenhouse gas.

But we get it; we can only have so many virtual meetings per day before we feel burnout. Sometimes you just want to have some human-interactions. If you must travel for work, perhaps consider alternatives? You can walk, cycle, take a train or bus, or only attending IRL if it's absolutely necessary.

Pool It 


You probably already know what carpooling means. It is basically the method of sharing the car journey with other people, instead of driving to a location in separate cars.

This type of mobility is sustainable, as there are fewer cars on the road. It can also be practised in various scenarios.For example, with your co-workers who live close by or with your friends when you go out together.

Plus, less stress finding parking!

Switch To An Electric Car  


 Electric cars (EVs) are generally more eco-friendly than cars powered by gasoline or diesel.

It emits zero emissions because it produces power from a battery and does not burn fuel internally.Let us know via our Wishlist!

In addition, EVs also require fewer hazardous, polluting chemicals such as engine oil and coolant fluids, making them greener for all your future travel.

Takeaway: With the world becoming more invested in the issue of climate change, there’s never been a better time to switch to an EV. 


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