Don’t Balik Kampung Without Doing These Things



Picture this, you are excited to Balik Kampung for Raya, only to realise midway through the trip that you are hungry, tired, and grumpy. Your moods are going downhill. Your car started to make weird noises and you can't figure out why. Worse, there is nothing interesting to listen to on the radio.

Fret not! Don't let this happen to you, and check out our shortlist of things you must do this Raya to get home safely and enjoy the holiday.

Check your tires

Summer in Malaysia is HOT. It can be overbearing.

Car tyres can become dangerously damaged as the temperature rises, especially if you travel long-distance during the daytime. They can even explode, putting yourself and everyone on the road at risk.

But don't be alarmed! While it is tricky to protect car tyres in such severe heat, you can avoid this scenario by making frequent stops and ensuring your car has regular servicing.

Also, check your tyre pressure and avoid simply cramming as many people into your car as possible. Driving with a lot of weight on your tyres over long distances is not recommended.

Also, be sure to look for any damage before you start. This could be stuck nails, swelling, tread wear depth and grooves

Prepare for any emergency, just in case

It's never a bad idea to be too prepared, as anything can happen on the road. Get a first aid pack, some basic emergency supplies, and the phone numbers for road help ready before you leave on a trip. Even if you don't need anything, you can still help by giving it to someone who does.

Blast your favourite music

Last but not least, get some playlists together and blast your favourite music! Not only will music get you in the holiday mood, but it can also help you stay alert on the road.

Pack healthy and nutritious homemade food

Make sure you pack plenty of snacks, fruits, and drinking water. This way, you will be fueling your body with nutritious and energy-sustainable food and not rely on junk food that will only result in a crash.

In addition, you get to eat whenever you want and only stop at rest areas when you really need to.

Remember, eat light and stay hydrated.

Get enough sleep & Take breaks

Be sure to stay alert and take breaks while driving to your kampung. Driving while tired or sleepy is incredibly risky, especially if you are drowsy or disoriented from lack of sleep. 

In order to drive safely, it is recommended that you receive seven to eight hours of sleep the night before. Also, switch drivers every two hours and get some shut-eye while your partner is at the wheel. Stop when you're exhausted. Take a lot of breaks in between. Take it slow. It's better to be late than never to be there.

Bonus: Drive your dream car, stress-free

This Raya, subscribe and drive your dream car and let us take care of the rest. 

There's no downpayment, no car loan, and no interests costs—all-inclusive of insurance, maintenance, road tax and wear & tear.

With Flux, you can rest assured that we'll come to your rescue if you are ever in a tight spot when Balik Kampung, whether it's a breakdown or any accident or emergency. 

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