Flux. The Simpler Way to Own Your Perfect Car.

Vishal Bhaskaran

Vishal Bhaskaran


Drive a car without commitment. Take the wheel of another, just because you feel like it. Let someone else handle the paperwork. Never see the inside of a service centre again. Forget what it’s like standing in line to pay a speeding ticket. Just drive.

Wouldn’t it be great if all this was possible? With Flux, it is now.

Flux is an all-inclusive monthly car subscription service; offering you the all the benefits of having your dream car in your driveway without any of the drawbacks.

And we truly take care of everything; road tax, insurance, service and maintenance, all in one fixed monthly fee. Choose from our collection and pay to drive with no surprise charges, no hassle and best of all, no depreciating asset.

. . .

We have a variety of cars to choose from, across brands and body types. And they are all, in a sense, yours. Pick one to start with, and if curiosity gets the better of you, return it and pick another.

Need space for two golf bags in an executive sedan? We’ve got plenty. Want to balik kampung this festive season in a spacious MPV? No problem. Head up north to winding coastal roads on your way to Batu Ferringhi in a sleek coupe? Why not! Travel down south for Melaka’s most famous eats in a practical SUV? Here’s the keys. All these experiences can be yours with just one Flux subscription. Can you say Flux yeah?

No matter what you choose, you’re choosing quality. We provide you a selection of the highest caliber of pre-owned and new vehicles that have been rigorously inspected to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We don’t want you to get stuck with a lemon, and even if it works perfectly but if it still isn’t right for you — swap for another.

Making cars only about the drive is what we’re all about at Flux.

It's not a dream, it's a promise

But the daily drive shouldn’t be part of the daily grind, which is why we’re here. The car is a moving living space — a place for friends and family, long drives, deep conversations, loud music and, sometimes, just solitude. It should complement your lifestyle, not detract from it. It should be engaging without being intrusive. And most of all, you should be able to depend on it all the time, every time.

Our goal is to solve your mobility problems without breaking the bank. Whether you prefer not to have your time taken up by mundane administration, avoid commitment by being tied down to a loan or a lease or simply want the freedom of having our collection as your garage.

And so, this is for you. The professional in rush hour traffic. The executive planning a route to the third meeting of the day. The parent on a school run. The weekend warrior in search of a new adventure. The superhero carrying the weight of the universe.

Join the Flux family. Embrace the contemporary urbanite that you truly are and subscribe to Malaysia’s first car subscription service. The time is right, and you are ready.

Flux. The Simpler Way to Own Your Perfect Car.


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