Subscribe to Own by Flux. The Simpler Way to Own Your Perfect Car.

Vishal Bhaskaran

Vishal Bhaskaran


Can you finance a car with the lowest upfront costs with all the convenience and flexibility of a car subscription service? Can you have your cake and eat it too?

Absolutely. With Flux, that is.

Subscribe to Own by Flux is our way of giving you the freedom of a car subscription program, with the option to purchase. With Subscribe to Own, you can subscribe to a car from Flux then buy it at the end of the subscription. How will you know how much your car is going to cost at the end of your subscription? We’ll show you all the prices upfront. No hidden costs.

With our subscription service and a little thing called guaranteed future value or GFV, we’re changing the game in making your path to ownership simple, seamless, and financially accessible. Here’s how:

The Lowest Upfront Costs

Say Flux It to car loans and downpayments. Flux only charges a start fee, which is typically over 50 percent lower than the average downpayment.

No Surprise Expenses

Insurance, road tax, maintenance and wear & tear are included in your one simple monthly fee. What this means is that you hand over nothing more than your keys when we take your car for servicing or a tyre change.

Protect Your Credit Score

Want to buy your dream home and not be restricted by servicing a car loan? Keep your credit and subscribe to Flux. Your Flux subscription does not impact your credit score.

Avoid Residual Value Losses

Just like the stock market car prices can go up or down. Don’t roll the dice with the future value of your car. With Flux you don’t have to. Flux guarantees the future value of your car so you can make an informed decision.

Never Get Stuck with a Lemon

When you buy a car, new or pre-owned, there is very little besides a warranty to reassure of its condition. Not only are our cars inspected by people who aren’t us, but you can also even give it back within 3 days if it’s not the one for you.

Switch Your Car to Fit Your Budget

Your budget, your rules. Want to tighten the strings? Switch to a more economical urban runabout. Willing and able to live a little? We’ve got a performance coupe just for you.

Besides these, Subscribe to Own comes with the full suite of Flux perks — a concierge service to handle all your administrative and maintenance matters, emergency assistance, 24/7 roadside assist with unlimited towing, driver and passenger personal accident coverage, replacement car, theft recovery and, if commitment is not your thing, the option to switch cars during your subscription tenure.

You can’t find a service like this anywhere. We know, and that’s why we’re offering it to you.

One more time for the people in the back: Subscribe to Own by Flux is the simpler way to own your perfect car.


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