Car Sharing in Malaysia: How To Earn Safely With FLUX

Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj


As technology advances, car sharing has become an increasingly popular mode of transportation worldwide, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to 'own' a car without needing to buy it outright via a loan.

According to Statista, the number of users in the Car-Sharing market is expected to amount to 0.36 million by 2027 in Malaysia, proving the growing popularity of this affordable, eco-friendly and convenient car ownership alternative.

With car sharing gaining momentum in Malaysia, FLUX's Become A Host programme pioneers the shift. FLUX allows individual owners to subscribe out their vehicles with other FLUX members between 1-60 months and earn a second income consistently and safely.

While peer-to-peer car sharing becomes more popular, safety and security concerns naturally remain crucial. In this blog post, we delve into the safety measures that FLUX has in place to proactively protect Hosts and subscribers throughout the journey.

Subscriber Verification


At FLUX, we prioritise safety by implementing thorough & vigorous subscriber screening processes. This process includes checks on the subscribers’ driving and credit history, criminal background, and verification of necessary documents such as valid driver's licence and government-issued IDs. 

Vehicle Condition and Maintenance

A critical aspect of safety is ensuring the vehicles are well-maintained and roadworthy. Hosts must keep their cars in good condition and adhere to scheduled maintenance checks.This ensures a safe, pleasant and comfortable experience for the subscribers.

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Insurance Coverage

FLUX's Become A Host programme prioritises the safety of the drivers, passengers, as well as the Host's car by providing insurance coverage for the entire subscription tenure/duration.

While Hosts don't need to take on a policy with our insurance partners, our specialised insurance policy with Allianz and MSIG ensures you're fully protected in the rare event that your vehicle gets into an accident, theft, or even flood. This ensures that the Hosts’ car is protected at all times.


Telematics seamlessly integrates telecommunications and technologies to gather and transmit real-time data.

Through FLUX's Become A Host programme, every car is equipped with advanced telematic devices that monitor and tracks various aspects of the vehicle during each trip including:

  • Enhanced Security: This enables FLUX to receive real-time vehicle location for efficient monitoring of a vehicle while on subscription. It acts as a powerful deterrent against theft and unauthorised use, providing peace of mind to both the Host and subscribers.

  • Driving Behavior Analysis: Telematics systems can also analyse driving behaviour, such as speed, acceleration, and braking patterns. This technology helps protect a Host's car while on subscriptions and ensures proper usage by our subscribers.

  • Emergency Assistance: In the unfortunate event of an accident or breakdown, telematics enables FLUX to respond and provide necessary assistance swiftly. The platform can instantly pinpoint the vehicle's location and dispatch help, prioritising the safety and well-being of drivers and passengers.

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Customer Support and Emergency Assistance


To enhance your peace of mind, FLUX offers subscribers dedicated customer support and emergency assistance, ensuring you feel protected throughout your journey. Whether you have a  query or encounter an emergency during your ride, our team is here to help. 


At FLUX, we take your safety seriously. Our Become A Host programme sets the standard for secure car sharing in Malaysia. With advanced telematics, comprehensive insurance coverage, rigorous vehicle inspections, and identity verification, we ensure Hosts and subscribers are safe.

As car sharing shapes the future of transportation, FLUX leads the way with its unwavering commitment to safety. When you choose to Host with us, you are 100% protected. We prioritise your peace of mind, creating a convenient and secure experience. 

Joining the FLUX family as a Host is a seamless and rewarding experience. You can trust that you will be in safe hands with FLUX, and your peace of mind is our priority. Rest assured, as a Host, you are 100% protected throughout your car-sharing journey. Simply sign up on our website  to embark on this exciting opportunity. And we take care of everything, ensuring your car and your interests are fully safeguarded. Sit back, relax, and let FLUX handle reservations and any inquiries. Trust us to make your car-sharing venture a success while you enjoy the benefits of being a valued Host in our community.

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